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All about Freedom

“If you’re happy to work closely with our team and let us manage your electricity use remotely, Freedom is the way to go” – Matthew van der Linden, CEO

Choose to go with Freedom

Maybe you’re on a farm that uses automatic irrigation at specific times of the day. Or perhaps you’re a manufacturer operating around the clock. Choosing Freedom means you can adjust your usage to make the most of low price events. With the help of our experts, smart technology, and a ‘no surprises’ approach, you can make this happen.


How this works

Like all our plans, Freedom gives you access to the wholesale market price. Unlike other plans, Freedom gives you complete control over your energy costs.
We keep a close eye on market activity to share our expert predictions with you. Through SMS and email alerts backed by 24/7 online and telephone support, we’ll keep you one step ahead of the market.

That way, you can monitor your usage – and save money.

Cut energy costs by up to 30%

See how you can save.

Monitor your costs and usage for choice and control.

Experts on your side

We’re here to help you choose the best solution for your business.

Manage your risk

Choose the right level of exposure to market ups and downs for your business.

Innovative tech

We’ll give you the tools to monitor and understand your usage. 

Play Video How our plans and tools work together

Power plans & tools

Power up with a plan and tools to get the most from your energy. No two businesses are the same, which is why we’ve got options to suit your needs. Get added help with Mastery, or take full control with Freedom. Give your plan more of what you need with our range of Power Tools.

They seem very capable. A group of experts who’ve been in the industry a while.”

Terry Byrne, Owner
Byrne Vineyards

Here are some powerful truths.


You can buy wholesale power.

You don’t have to buy your power at a retail fixed price. You can actually buy electricity directly from the wholesale market with Flow Power and take advantage of low prices in the market. More often than not the wholesale price is cheaper than the average retail price.


If you’re benefiting from low prices…

You don’t have to be stuck with crazy high prices too. This can be easily avoided by setting a ceiling — you’ll never pay more than the ceiling when peaks occur.


Buying wholesale power doesn’t mean you’ll be in it on your own.

At Flow Power we help you to find the best solutions to your day-to-day needs, as well as step in when you need us to.


You can buy renewable energy to help power your business.

With Flow Power you can buy solar and wind energy in bulk straight from the generator for less than half market rates. Just buy the rest from the market.