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Power Tools

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Options to suit your needs

No two businesses are the same, which is why we’ve got options to suit your needs. Give your plan more of what you need with our range of Power Tools.


Limit the price you pay for each unit of electricity per quarter. Lock in to peace of mind and certainty of the maximum you’ll pay. Each quarter, receive a new ceiling based on the fixed rate market. At the end of that quarter, your average price is calculated. In most cases, you’ll access the low rates offered by the wholesale market and your average price will never go above the ceiling – but if you do, you’ll be protected. It’s wholesale minus the highs. Learn more

kWatch® Intelligent Controller

Save money and make smarter energy decisions by installing our wireless kWatch® Intelligent Controller on your site. Get transparency and control over your electricity use through live data feeds, alerts and automation. Learn more

Corporate Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs)

You don’t need to install solar panels to access the renewable energy market. Pay up to 50% less than market rates by buying cheap, renewable wholesale power. Anything you don’t use can be sold back to the market or Flow Power. Agree to buy some of your power from a renewable plant for a minimum of 10 years through a Corporate Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA). A PPA will let you access fixed rates for long-term savings. Learn more


If you’re a larger company, we have several hedge options to help you manage price fluctuations in the market. These options are negotiated directly through a generator, a market broker, or the Australian Stock Exchange. Hedges can operate in flat, peak or off-peak market environments. Swap the half-hourly spot price for a pre-agreed fixed price over a defined period, activate a Ceiling to manage the maximums you’ll pay, or use an Option to set future prices. Hedges can also be modified to suit your needs: combined with electricity load management, they’re a powerful tool to manage your energy costs. Learn more

Market Monitoring

Know when to take action. At Flow Power we have someone monitoring and analysing movements in the market 24/7. Whatever the stage,  we can keep you up to date with SMS and email notifications based on the Pool Duty Manager’s insights. With this service, you know when to lower your energy use or switch to a generator – but it doesn’t end there! We ensure that you or a secondary contact knows about the event, and you can speak to one of our experts as soon as you receive it. Use our advice to manually reduce your business’ energy use. If this isn’t an option, you can still reduce your load – do without lifting a finger by using our kWatch® Intelligent Controller for automatic load management. Learn more

Cut energy costs by up to 30%

See how you can save.

Dial up on what matters most with our Power Tools.

Expert advice

We’re here to help you manage your electricity usage.

Innovative tech

We’ll give you the tools to monitor your usage remotely [and stay ahead of market trends.]

No surprises

Achieve certainty through pre-defined blocks of energy or a Ceiling.

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Power plans & tools

Power up with a plan and tools to get the most from your energy. No two businesses are the same, which is why we’ve got options to suit your needs. Get added help with Mastery, or take full control with Freedom. Give your plan more of what you need with our range of Power Tools.

We follow their advice on price events strictly and it's saved us heaps in recent months."

Cameron Water, Sales Manager
Multicube Stockfeeds

Here are some powerful truths.


You can buy wholesale power.

You don’t have to buy your power at a retail fixed price. You can actually buy electricity directly from the wholesale market with Flow Power and take advantage of low prices in the market. More often than not the wholesale price is cheaper than the average retail price.


If you’re benefiting from low prices…

You don’t have to be stuck with crazy high prices too. This can be easily avoided by setting a ceiling — you’ll never pay more than the ceiling when peaks occur.


Buying wholesale power doesn’t mean you’ll be in it on your own.

At Flow Power we help you to find the best solutions to your day-to-day needs, as well as step in when you need us to.


You can buy renewable energy to help power your business.

With Flow Power you can buy solar and wind energy in bulk straight from the generator for less than half market rates. Just buy the rest from the market.